The Story of Phil's Logan Bread

During the 60s, my father was teaching geology at a university in Utah.  In the summer months, he would take graduate students with him to Alaska to map and study glaciers for the U.S. Forest Service and the National Science Foundation. One summer when I was eight years old, my father took us to Alaska with him. I am one of eleven children, of which eight share the magical memories of that summer with me. 

Bill Long was a friend of my father and familiar face to us in Alaska.  He was a mountaineer, a member of the American Alpine Club, and a member of the 1966 American Antarctic Expedition to Vinson Massif in Antarctica. While having my family over for dinner one evening,  Bill's wife asked my mother how she was managing to feed all of her children.  At that time, we lived in 60-foot trailer at the foot of the Portage Glacier.  Dad managed to talk the forest service into loaning us a new outhouse that we converted into a smoker, and Mom explained that our diet consisted mostly of smoked salmon. Bill's wife said there was this food called Logan Bread.  It is well known among Alaskan mountaineers, and she made it for Bill to take on his expeditions.  It includes all of the essentials and has a good shelf life. She suggested Mom try it, Bill insisted that she add raisins. 

Logan Bread turned into a staple for us. It wasn’t my favorite back then, but it kept us all healthy and alive! After my Mothers passing several years ago, one of my sisters was going through one of Moms kitchen cupboards when she came upon her old handwritten recipe for Logan Bread.

For old time sake, I made a batch and it brought back many fond memories of my childhood in Alaska and then in Provo Canyon.  After experimenting with some of the ingredients, and mixing up the fruit and nuts a bit, I realized it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered; in fact it's kind of good! If Logan Bread could feed the hungry back then, it can feed the hungry today.  So here it is for you to enjoy!  

Needless to say, this is some field-tested hearty stuff!  Please give some a try and enjoy.  All of the ingredients are natural, simple, and healthy.  

As you eat, know that for every piece of Phil’s Logan Bread you buy, Phil's Good Food will be donating a portion of the proceeds to feed the hungry. 

Feeding the hungry Phil’s Good’